My name is Pierre Dubois and first I would like to say I am a technical person. I am living in the national capital region of Canada, Gatineau-Ottawa. I like the new and inovative chalenges I can work on regarding the programming world.

Since 2006, I have developped a few websites and windows applications for SME (Small and Medium Buisness). Now, I work with a small team to manage about 4000 webpages from an actif organisation and the biggest chalenge are to meet the accessibility level AA of the WCAG 2.0 guideline for each webpage we manage. We already finished the implementation of the accessibility exigences. With that project I use the best practice and avoiding any accessibility issue. If you know about accessibility, this blog may are not fully accessible but that is temporary and also that is not the objective my blog.

In 2006 I got my CEGEP dimploma in computer science, specialized in data management. On that time I was thinking, the future are in building windows applications but since my vision has changed for more for web application because they can be accessed from a lot of system. Like computer with any operating system, cellular, television, … Combined to the accessibility project that only added argument for encouraging web application developpment.

This days I contribute in my own personal time to an accessible javascript web tools kit with all kind of widgets build on the jQuery framework and using the progressive enhancement method. Recently, the chart and graph project was released and the accessibility was validated by a tier. I am proud because this project was re-written 99.9% by me from scratch. You can register to my blog to learn more about that.

I currently work also on the implementation of the RFC 3253, a delta V compliant server. That open source implementation are done in php language using the sabreDAV project as the framework. I know there are currenlty no client able to communicate with a deltaV server, my intention is to create one with the microsoft .Net 2 framework and create an another client web based. You can register to my blog to learn more about that.

In 2006, I started to search for the best web content management system, that will consiliate as a plateform for easing web application management and web content management. I have found a lot of CMS but nothing that will meet my needs. I have decided to develop a web CMS called SGCX (System de gestion de contenu Xml/Xslt). You can register to my blog to learn more about it.

About Social media and Gamming, some people said is inovative. I am not in that wave for a lot personal and professional reason. You can register to my blog to learn more.

Pierre Dubois,


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